Preserving the ancient tradition of oil-millers, We continually renews
love for the land, and not a land any but the land of the sirens.

In particular, the love focused for one of the olive tree and its fruit around this passion has developed what has become a philosophy of life and work, as many people as openly as possible and loudly knowledge of olive oil and its use.

From this philosophy is born the idea of constitute a run within the company to allow learning on oil from birth to maturity and take guided tours for learn all the machining process.

The program is spread over different stages each piece inseparable for the reconstruction the personality of the oil.

The stages of the guided tours of the Frantoio Gargiulo in the Sorrento Peninsula are:

First stage: visit the olive grove with a presentation of the areas for the cultivation and collection

Second stage: visit to the mill of the 1849 with old millstones and metal press to learn the ancient technique of olives processing

Third stage: the visit to the modern mill with a description of the modern processing, less fascinating, but surely qualitativel safer

Fourth stage: tasting of extravirgin olive oil and typical products

Libro degli ospiti al Frantoio Sorrento

The property also features: ample parking for tour buses and showrooms the purchase of products.



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